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September 29, 2023

Random Symbol v0.02

September 16, 2023

DigitalTemplate v0.0132


September 05, 2023

Text-Binary v0.021



Number of zeroes

September 04, 2023

Custom Table v0.021

Lists symbols from UNICODE table I presume
Just refresh with F5 button on keyboard if you want to get back to site
Note: Start Number must be smaller than the End Number
It goes from 0 to up to 65536 * 2 - 1 symbols
Not all symbols are readable
Watch out for overflow!



September 03, 2023

Text Editor with RegExp

If you want to remove first something of everyline use regexp
^ - stands for beginning of string
. - stands for any character
so writing this in regular expression "^...." and by clicking "Replace All" button removes first four (4) characters at the beginning of the every line in text editor (because there's four dots).
You can expand this by adding more dots or if you need less taking away dots.

September 02, 2023

Line Code Scrambler + Unscrambler v0.01

Text Code

Scrambled Lines