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February 28, 2023

Text Decoding Effect v0.3332

Finally I did this. It can be much more cooler.
It a beautiful mess of it works!
You can put inner HTML
I'll add clear button later
If you see any mistakes feel free to send me corrections through comment or email.
There's so much in WIP
[UPDATE MAR 3 2023] Font Size won't work but if you copy code to your machine it might work plus you can name font you want to use for decoding effect
I'll probably attach code later for download
[UPDATE MAR 4 2023] I am putting link for download.
[UPDATE MAR 27 2023]








February 24, 2023

Block KeyCodes v0.01


This script captures most of the keys from keyboard and outputs keycode to textbox. To unblock keys you simply have to uncheck checkbox. If you don't find a way to unblock keys you'll have to restart your computer if nothing else works.
This method is deprecated AFAIK
This can teach you little bit more about key board codes. It really depends on what kind of keyboard you have.

February 12, 2023

MegaMan Zero ASCII Art

M 0XXXXS2Sa        X    S  ,MMZr  0  S..    S   i  M                                         Z2XXar2
M M88888BZ:W:X  r, @   ;i. ,M       MMM8WMMWWM@X2  M                      .X                X@B88WSa
M M88888WZ: MS  ;S Z   M M  M    : M0  0MMMMMM@22  S                    aZ B                ;@B88WSa
M M88888W8r  M   B SX  2 8  @MBMMZ MMMiMMa rMMi.SiiM                    8, ,                rMB88WSa
M M88880B8;, 8   W2MM   8 8 MBSS28a0. 0MMMMMM0r,;;,W                8.MM a:                 ;@W88WSa
M M88880Bai. B   MB0M.  r  MW i7i;;B   MiWS  ,iMZW0X               iMMM  Mr                 ;BW88WSa
M M88880W2;, @   MMa.M ;.M XB :i..iMMBi8X;:i: SWi0.X       .:iW7  MMMM  .M                  ,BW88WSa
M M8888B0S:, M   XM: ;MMB2a:M.;aMMW    0M7iaS77S;MM.     M     MMM, M: ,.                    S008WSa
M M8888B8X:: a,    XM  MMS  ;ZMM8  2MWZ@MMMMMMMMMMM      M     XW   M .i0@Bi:7.       S;r.72WM808WSa
M M88880B;i   M   M  MZ MiMMM7; XMMMMMMMMMMMM0MMr        WM  MB.  ;MM  XM      ;;i2MBM ;MWM0@ZZ08WXZ
M M88880W;;   88   MZ  iMW  2B2ZMMM@MMMM00Z      B0a M  MMM i:;;W   ia MZ@MMMZ.  aMr BMMMSa2M:ZBZB7Z
M MZZZ8B8;:.   M8 ;aSM@a  M@ZZ0MMMMX      , M.  7 :M M0M8MMi;8WaM2    MMB0XX0W82   MMMZ7S22WM 0B8B7Z
M M88Z0B8r:.    @MMa2    MMZ@MaSZ     MM    S ,;    MM2i 7X 7a2S8MMar8M0WW@BZ0WW02  MZ;a028Ma WB8W7Z
M MZZZ8B8r:,      MMrZ:   rMW,:B  ;MMB8 7ZrX0Br7.  ;MM  B@ aMM02riZ0BM@088BBBW08W@8  BaZa0BM :8B8W7Z
M M8880B0;:.       WMr7WMMMMi@88a2  ;S BW@ZZ2M8aZaZMMB  MMMMZaBMMMXXZ@W080000W00BB8i MaaZ8Ma r8B0W7Z
M M88800Zii         .00MMMMi   8  rWW@@BZ0a2r00aSBMMMr:iMB       MW2W8BB00088WB080WWM82ZZaM  r0B0W7Z
M M88800Zi:            M2    WMM ZBB8ZZ2SaSX200MMMMWS  8BM 2 . iZrMMMM080BB00BBB00M8X2aB0M8 i.Z80W7Z
M M8888BZ:          ,:    XMMMMMXS2a22aZ2aZ0WB8a0MMM8rMa M ,  SXMMiiMMMW080B@B0WM@8aSaa0WM  r,a80W7Z
M M8888B2i.        M8i0MMM@82SXMM0BBBWBBWMM@88B@M@Wi  M  M 088@MB,8Z:SMMMM00BW@W08Sa8aS8M   r:8W0@XZ
M M000ZWZ:       ,   0W0Z8ZZaa08MMB00000BMaMMMW@MM@Si B aMM;BMBi   a2SiM8M@MM82BZaZWBS8M0   r:2ZZ0rZ
M @ZZZZWZ.     i. MMMB8ZZZ22a0B2@MW@M@W@MMW@0BMMM M@8XS.MaM022  ,ZMMrXZMMMMZ2ZaaZZZ8ZSMX    ri28007Z
M @ZZZZW8.     MMB  MZS2XS2WM0BWMBBWB80W0BBMMBBM  M27iS,M0r7XX22MMa;7X8M8rrM0ZZZZZaZZMa     ri28007Z
M @ZZZ8Ba.    Mi   7@MBBBMMMMB822Z8BMMMMBW8@80MM :M28,a.ZM2r8MM@Mi XMMZ:XZ08aZZZaS2MMM      ii280B7Z
M @ZZZ8WZ     ;MWZWMM:X8MWZaZ80@MMW000Z08BZM8MM  ZWZ0X2i@rMM0aZM@MMMX,7WM8ZZZ8Za8@MMW       i;a88B7Z
M @ZZZ8WS      MMMM88MMM8@ZZBMM@BWWaW00@0BZMMM7  aBZSa.:0i8M   ZMX  XW08ZZ88Z880@MM;        :;2a0B7Z
M @ZZZ8@X   ..     MMM8WMMMMWZ0B88WMMa0WMW0MMr   8W8SB,2BrSM   B7:ZM@8Z8Z88080MMM7  .:  ... :;220B7Z
M @ZZZ8WX   ..     aM0008ZZ0WW@MB88@MMWa0MMM   . M0Za@.0Za0M   MMMMa2ZZZZZ8WMMW    ,::.     ,r220B7Z
M @ZZZ8WX  .,,.. i ;M8000BMW0080B0W880MMMM   .,  MZaZ@ 0a20M     MMMMM@WWMM@    .,,,::,..,. .r2Z8W7Z
M @ZZZ8W:  .... .: .M000000aZZaZBMM@08MM    ,,, :MZ,ZM,aa7BW .,.    SMMMMM   .,,,,,,::: ... .ra28B7Z
M Z77XXa            MZZZZZa0BBW8aZa88ZM0        ,0r SS ri,a;                                  i,72ia

February 10, 2023

Text Shuffle v0.01

This code is total written mess. I'll work this out when has concentration. It has some rules:
  • If word is consisted of less then or equal to 3 letters, don't change it
  • If word is consisted of exactly 4 letters just switch two letters inside (letter 3 with letter 2 or vice versa)
  • If word is consisted of more than 4 letters, garble all, except first and last letters
  • Not sure when it comes to numbers with words or numbers bigger than 4 in length, should it garble it then or not
  • Need to add more support: think optimization, different approach, et cettera

Known delimiters

Text to be processed

Result of processed text

If you find any bugs please contact me through email or comments section.