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January 30, 2023

Tell me how does this web(site/log) works for you.

I don't get many emails, comments and other stuff about my web(site/log). I do this on my own. If you could somehow give feedback what do you like or what do you dislike about this site, that would be great. To fully use this site you need JavaScript turned on and web brosware that supports features of this site. Doing promotion of site on my own. Transitions will be made. Thanks to Blogger I turned my BLOG into interactive website. You can also download some freebies. Your opinion matters. In past Blogger had option to put poll on blog IIRC. It would be also great if Google and Blogger could make deal with counters so you could upload custom images for visitor counters. Giving more options doesn't mean it's better. This BLOG is mostly client-sided from my part of doing Tools in JavaScript or TypeScript. I don't know I just do the code and the writing. And if it works, it works. Good for me. Site has many links to other sites I consider useful. They aren't my work just to clear that. Maybe I had some participation in them. That's all. I'd like to say that there are many hidden Easter Egg's like link to my DeviantArt account or maybe Twitter account. So check that out too maybe you find something interesting. Overall the weB(site/LOG) or if you wish BLOG is under constant revision so if you can't find something you found before don't worry just tell me to put it back and I'll consider it. I can't take all requests. So that's it. For now. Like Jon Bon Jovi would say: 'Have A Nice Day! >:)' 

P.S. I could make Sci-Fi stories.

January 29, 2023

Intertwine v0.01

Text to be intertwined

If you have something to add or take away, comment or send me an email.

January 25, 2023

ISBN Block Formatting v0.2




Bugs, bugs, bugs...tell me if you find one.

January 14, 2023

Get Initials v0.13

This is again roughly written so I need to work out some things in next versions (if I can)
[UPDATE] DEC 12 2022 => Number of first letters
[UPDATE] JAN 14 2023 => No need for dot and space (for now) plus added another text box
[UPDATE] JAN 15 2023 => Chars to add after each initial

Number of first letters

Chars to add after each Initial

December 23, 2022

Virus X

I had in my mind music genre: Indie (lol) Metal,
Album Cover: Custom Bio Hazard sign
with some similar to this tracklist:

1. Immortality [3:33]
2. Virus X [x:xx]
3. Metal X [x:xx]

but I lost tracklist and Custom Bio Hazard Symbol I made's encrypted and needs to be recovered

It would be one man band or not?

I don't know but if all is said and done I don't have to worry.

I posted this because I didn't have label Virus in Label Collection.



I forgot what else

December 20, 2022

Text Cases v0.01

December 18, 2022

Obscure Text v0.05


First if checked or second if unchecked

Add extra char

Obscured text:

December 09, 2022

Choppy v0.5

Choppy v0.5 for chopping track time pieces.
We have track 20 seconds long. We want to chop tracklength into pieces so we define Max Split Seconds which is 3 seconds by default. Every time track piece has starting time and end ending time. We then shuffle/reconfigure time track pieces.

Start of Track in Seconds

Length of Track in Seconds

Split by max


Random number up to max seconds


Time Pieces

December 07, 2022

Testing Progress Bar v0.06

Doesn't support progress bar.


Max Progress Bar


September 29, 2022

OpenLinks v0.01

Note: Your web browser could prevent opening multiple tabs/windows because it considers it a pop up.

(Full URL required)

For example