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August 30, 2022

Pangram Checker v0.064


Case Insensitive


Unused characters

August 26, 2022

Hasher v0.2

Character set

Length of hash

Generated hash

Upper Case:

August 22, 2022

CT SF 3 - BioTerror Codes Working PIN analysis [GBA EUR game]

So I worked and worked on this analysis for sometime.
I couldn't find connections between levels, Live(s), Bomb(s), Rifle ammo, Harpoon, Helicopter levels and PINs.
I just have 210 working PINs. I think it's complete list. I am not sure why.
From 5040 "unique" PINs there are 210 selected ones.
SoD = Sum of Digits (goes from 7 to 30; 30 - 7 = 23)
UWPIN = Unique Working PIN (or just UPIN)
210 * 4 => 840 * 6 => 5040
10 Lives from 0 - 9
There are probably 2 helicopter levels.

According to 210 PINs divided by 10 lives we get 21 and should mean there are 21 levels in this game.

Const. vars.
Bombs = 3
Rifle ammo = 20

This was pretty fun project to work on.

This is further analysis.

I would like to know how working PINs are selected and connection between lives and levels. I am still searching for that algorithm.

Sorry for my messy talk this was fastly written.

August 20, 2022

Name Last Name Switch v0.02


Max. Split

With delimiter

Delim. Input

August 11, 2022

Telephone Code v0.05

Happy Easter! (18.04.2022)

Tel. Key Buttons are disabled.
It's just representation of Telephone Keys for better orientation.
I'll add more features when I can.

EDIT on 24 April 2022: Case Insensitive + some more sample text
EDIT on 23 July 2022 plans: colorful buttons when pressed; decoding option; custom alphabet
EDIT on 11 August 2022: Decoding option done (This was some insane coding)

August 05, 2022

Neopets - Get Easy Avatars - Python Script v0.01

Python 3 Code
You can easily find out which day is on which date