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December 23, 2022

Virus X

I had in my mind music genre: Indie (lol) Metal,
Album Cover: Custom Bio Hazard sign
with some similar to this tracklist:

1. Immortality [3:33]
2. Virus X [x:xx]
3. Metal X [x:xx]

but I lost tracklist and Custom Bio Hazard Symbol I made's encrypted and needs to be recovered

It would be one man band or not?

I don't know but if all is said and done I don't have to worry.

I posted this because I didn't have label Virus in Label Collection.



I forgot what else

December 20, 2022

Text Cases v0.01

December 18, 2022

Obscure Text v0.05


First if checked or second if unchecked

Add extra char

Obscured text:

December 09, 2022

Choppy v0.5

Choppy v0.5 for chopping track time pieces.
We have track 20 seconds long. We want to chop tracklength into pieces so we define Max Split Seconds which is 3 seconds by default. Every time track piece has starting time and end ending time. We then shuffle/reconfigure time track pieces.

Start of Track in Seconds

Length of Track in Seconds

Split by max


Random number up to max seconds


Time Pieces

December 07, 2022

Testing Progress Bar v0.06

Doesn't support progress bar.


Max Progress Bar


November 03, 2022

Tel. Letters to Numbers v0.02

Tel. Code

Full tel. number

Thanks to idea from one of Seinfield's episode
Kramerica Inc. (XD)

Tel. code WIP

September 25, 2022

Alpha Bravo v0.01

Need to find a better way


Converted Text

September 21, 2022

Acrostic from Names of the Bands v0.063

This is roughly written for now.
I'll be adding features as soon as I can. You can add your lists.
This list of bands are originaly copied from
I'll be arranging list of band names which I prefer...

The thing is that I use "shuffle" function for now when instead I should use "circural rotation" function
That's why when you use two same letters it may come up with same band name which is not wanted in some cases
or it might need more bands starting with letter X so it doesn't run out of band names. For now it's what you put in textarea. I think it supports unicode thing too.

Some following rules:
  • Band Names should not be repeated in acrostic
  • Band Names could repeat in acrostic if necessary
  • Bands in textarea should have at least one band starting with unused letter

List of Bands



September 09, 2022

Beep v0.01

Beep Link

August 26, 2022

Hasher v0.2

Character set

Length of hash

Generated hash

Upper Case:

August 22, 2022

CT SF 3 - BioTerror Codes Working PIN analysis [GBA EUR game]

So I worked and worked on this analysis for sometime.
I couldn't find connections between levels, Live(s), Bomb(s), Rifle ammo, Harpoon, Helicopter levels and PINs.
I just have 210 working PINs. I think it's a complete list. I am not sure why.
From 5040 "unique" PINs there are 210 selected ones.
SoD = Sum of Digits (goes from 7 to 30; 30 - 7 = 23)
UWPIN = Unique Working PIN
210 * 4 => 840 * 6 => 5040
10 Lives from 0 - 9
There are probably 2 helicopter levels.

According to 210 PINs divided by 10 lives we get 21 and should mean there are 21 levels in this game.

Const. vars.
Bombs = 3
Rifle ammo = 20

This was pretty fun project to work on.

I would like to know how working PINs are selected and connection between lives and levels. I am still searching for that algorithm.

August 20, 2022

Name Last Name Switch v0.02


Max. Split

With delimiter

Delim. Input

August 11, 2022

Telephone Code v0.05

Happy Easter! (18.04.2022)

Tel. Key Buttons are disabled.
It's just representation of Telephone Keys for better orientation.
I'll add more features when I can.

EDIT on 24 April 2022: Case Insensitive + some more sample text
EDIT on 23 July 2022 plans: colorful buttons when pressed; decoding option; custom alphabet
EDIT on 11 August 2022: Decoding option done (This was some insane coding)

July 24, 2022

Unscramble Words from Wordlist v0.01

HTS Prog 1

Written very junky code but it works
You could implement it right into website so it could do it quicker
Just paste in whole text and get result copied to clipboard


Scrambled words


July 22, 2022

Most Frequent v0.01

Don't be confused. Default delimiter is space character.



Most frequent

July 09, 2022

Decimal Digits Percentage v0.01

June 28, 2022

JS shuffle 2

 function shuffle2(a){
  var alen = a.length;
  var i = 0;
  var temp;
  while(i < alen){
     var c = Math.floor(Math.random()*alen);
     temp = a[c];
     a[c] = a[i];
     a[i] = temp;
 return a;

June 23, 2022

Morse Encoder - Decoder Translator v0.01


Notice: When doing conversion back it converts text to lower case. Uncoded morse characters are not coded in morse but rather left in its original state unless it has dots and/or dashes. If you want to decode Morse to text first click on Translate checkbox input Morse code then untick box.

-Work on space back to original June 27 2022
-Add custom morse codes

I'll fix these as soon as I find some time for it...

June 21, 2022

Short poem

I am the will of emperor.

I am the light of immortality.

I am carved in stone.

I am sky of blue.

May 28, 2022

Number Cruncher v0.01



May 23, 2022

Emulated this from YouTube Video

Saw some video on YouTube before a year or two? ...and tried to emulate one task from it. It was some old anime. Called something like...Haruko?
Wrote this in Python first then C with help from YouTube, StackOverFlow and knowledge before.
It's a very simple task.
Print some text then print randomly from 1 to 10 same space characters. 1-10 space(s).
Used Linux for compiling C code.

I believe that gcc stands for GNU C Compiler.

If you want to compile C file on Linux and run it, these are commands (in terminal if you are in same directory where's file haruko.c):

"gcc haruko.c -o haruko" - will compile your text file with extension c into haruko binary file
"./haruko" - will run it

gcc haruko.c -o haruko

Oh, BTW to close running program use CTRL + c

May 20, 2022




Thanks to YouTube and Master Boot Record -

Most Wanted Letter

Input text in text box and find out which letter is most frequent in given text. This is task from CheckIO. You can run this locally on your computer. Here's the MWL v2.5.1.

May 14, 2022

Filter v0.2

Possible errors have been made. So use with caution.

In order to use 4 buttons:
  1. ASCII Numbers
  2. Capital ASCII Latin Letters
  3. Small ASCII Latin Letters
  4. ASCII Basic Symbols
Click on button that says Enable Buttons then buttons will work once, after that repeat process if necessary.

Chrset to filter

May 03, 2022

Replac0r v0.01

Replac0r goes through given text and replaces all numbers randomly from 0-9.


Any else digit but given digit

Text with replaced digits

May 02, 2022

KeyBoard Shift Code v0.05

Mysterious entity on internet helped me
to make this code work properly. 

This shifts your text for one place in
right/left direction like on QWERTY keyboard.

Keyboard structure

Original text


Transformed text

If you find that this isn't working properly, please let me know.

April 14, 2022

Histogram v0.02

Originally intended for expanding Counting Apples v0.X code and combined with MWL 2.x
Check Counting Apples source code
Tasks to do:
  • sort by numbers (not by character order)
  • make columns and rows for better previewing list
  • printing option
  • -newline correction
  • -count tab character if possible

This will count only characters used. May be a long list.


April 09, 2022

Browser Info v0.01


April 02, 2022


Hello, good day!

Today we will be talking about finding and downloading icons from websites using Firefox.

Open up Firefox
Enter URL of website then press enter
Find page info
Here are a couple ways to find it:
-Press LEFT ALT on the keyboard menu bar will pop up then go to Tools Menu and then Page Info
-or just press CTRL + I

After that go to Media Tab in Page Info
There will be listed images and other like stuff hence Media
Icons are usually among the first few items.
From there you can save them with the button Save As…
As you can see there are different dimensions of icons.

March 30, 2022

Name Surname Combo

Nomen est omen.

March 13, 2022

Split on Nth place

For those who stumble on this.

Translated from Python to JavaScript.

function nthsplit(line,n){
var i;
var arr = [];
  return arr;


Code originally found on StackOverFlow posted by Satomacoto

January 23, 2022

Sum of Digits v1.4