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May 23, 2022

Emulated this from YouTube Video

Saw some video on YouTube before a year or two? ...and tried to emulate one task from it. It was some old anime. Called something like...Haruko?
Wrote this in Python first then C with help from YouTube, StackOverFlow and knowledge before.
It's a very simple task.
Print some text then print randomly from 1 to 10 same space characters. 1-10 space(s).
Used Linux for compiling C code.

I believe that gcc stands for GNU C Compiler.

If you want to compile C file on Linux and run it, these are commands (in terminal if you are in same directory where's file haruko.c):

"gcc haruko.c -o haruko" - will compile your text file with extension c into haruko binary file
"./haruko" - will run it

gcc haruko.c -o haruko

Oh, BTW to close running program use CTRL + c

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