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August 22, 2022

CT SF 3 - BioTerror Codes Working PIN analysis [GBA EUR game]

So I worked and worked on this analysis for sometime.
I couldn't find connections between levels, Live(s), Bomb(s), Rifle ammo, Harpoon, Helicopter levels and PINs.
I just have 210 working PINs. I think it's complete list. I am not sure why.
From 5040 "unique" PINs there are 210 selected ones.
SoD = Sum of Digits (goes from 7 to 30; 30 - 7 = 23)
UWPIN = Unique Working PIN (or just UPIN)
210 * 4 => 840 * 6 => 5040
10 Lives from 0 - 9
There are probably 2 helicopter levels.

According to 210 PINs divided by 10 lives we get 21 and should mean there are 21 levels in this game.

Const. vars.
Bombs = 3
Rifle ammo = 20

This was pretty fun project to work on.

This is further analysis.

I would like to know how working PINs are selected and connection between lives and levels. I am still searching for that algorithm.

Sorry for my messy talk this was fastly written.

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