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November 21, 2021

ROT-X v0.31

Custom ROT

Make sure length of character set is even number and consisted of unique symbols.

Character set:

Text to be encoded/decoded:

It's not usual ROT-13. It seems it supports unicode too. Will work on it when has time.

Download Code:

QBasic - Code is as it is. You can help me make better code
Python 3 - Simplest code of all
C - Over complicated
C - Little less compilicated
Visual Basic - simple code and simple GUI (GITHUB)
Python 2.X - Blog post of initial code

More info
ROT-13 in BrainFuck (Esoteric Programming Language)


Anonymous said...

Do charset rotation option.
Do more charsets.

Anonymous said...

More charsets done.

Anonymous said...

Now all you have to do is to package it properly.

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