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February 13, 2020


This is a very basic code line scrambler and unscrambler written in Python. Let's say you have a code written in Basic saved in a file. Copy that file into the folder in unzipped download ("Scramble+UnScramble"). Rename file to "file_test.txt". Run "" and you'll get a new file called "scrambled_code_test.txt". When you open "scrambled_code_test.txt" in word processing program like Notepad, Wordpad or something else you'll see that lines of code are scrambled but there is number before each code like "053: codegoeshere" which tells us where should that line of code be. Run "" ("lcu" stands for "line code unscrambler" and the other part is version 0.01 with extension py for Python) and you'll get another file which is called "unscrambled_code_test.txt" when you open this file in word processing program you'll see that all lines of code are in place sorted by numbers in ascending order.
Code Lines Scrambler/Unscrambler