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March 20, 2019

How to change default CD/DVD icon to something else

  1. Create inf file named „autorun“ with extension „inf“ (autorun.inf)
  2. Make an icon file in your favorite Image Manipulation Program (for example: GIMP). Name it whatever you like (later you'll use filename and extension of file)
  3. Open autorun.inf file in some text processing program
  4. On first line write „[autorun]“ without quotes then press enter.
On second line write this „ICON=here_goes_name_of_the_icon.ico„ again without quotes.
  1. Save the autorun.inf file
  2. Copy autorun.inf file and the icon file you've made on CD or DVD (must be in „root“ folder)
  3. Copy other files you want to CD or DVD
  4. Burn DVD or CD
  5. Test CD or DVD by „re-injecting“.
That should be it. When you insert CD/DVD and when computer is done reading them icon should appear instead of default CD/DVD icon. I tested this method on Windows XP. When you download icon from web sites default name of icon is usually „favicon.ico“. Standard sizes are (I think) are 16x16 pixels, 32x32px, 64x64px... You might make custom sizes (I didn't tried this one).

Tip: You can hide autorun.inf and favicon.ico

Here's an example.
Happy Computing!

UPDATE (8.10.2019) - I just found out that it's not INI file but INF
I am sorry for any inconvenience that this misinformation may have caused.